Photographs of the Moon in various stages of eclipse.

Astro Hour for Families: Your Guide to the Lunar Eclipse

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Suitable for families with children aged 7+
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Join Dr Tanya Hill to witness our Moon being eclipsed by the Earth in this impressive celestial event.

Join Scienceworks online for Astro Hour: explorations of astronomy and space science with astronomer Dr. Tanya Hill and educator/science nerd Douglas Bair.

On Friday 19 November, we’ll be treated to a special astronomical event: the Moon will rise over the horizon while in the Earth’s shadow – a lunar eclipse.

In this edition we’ll share all you need to know to see the upcoming partial lunar eclipse from Melbourne and across Australia.

But how does an eclipse happen?  Tanya and Doug will show you exactly what’s going on in the sky when we see a lunar eclipse. We’ll also explore the difference between a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse, and why our Moon looks so huge as it hangs low in the sky.

With your newfound eclipse knowledge, you’ll know exactly what is happening when you step outside after the session to view the Moon as it rises above the horizon in the shadow of the Earth.

This session will include interactive elements and Q+A and is aimed at family audiences with children 7+.


Dr Tanya Hill

Dr Tanya Hill is the Melbourne Planetarium's Astronomer. She loves exploring the Universe and it never fails to amaze her. It was the Orion Nebula that led her to exploring all the wonders of space and she's reached for the stars ever since. 

Douglas Bair

Doug's enthusiasm for science and passion for performing has led to many and varied science communication adventures over the last 15 years including working with astronomers, penguins, and most importantly, inquisitive minds. He still can't quite believe that he's paid to do all the fun stuff he gets to do in the Planetarium.



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