Laser Maze and Forest



Pumping Station
2 Booker Street
Spotswood, Victoria, 3015
What's On

Winter Holiday Activation

Developed by Mosster Studio, visitors will manoeuvre through our amazing Laser Maze in a fun and interactive way to learn about laser physics and strategic thinking. Find out how light is manipulated with lasers to create a maze that tests your limbs and limits. The Laser Maze is suitable for children 6 and over and adults.

The installation will also feature a tranquil Laser Forest where little ones can discover and explore a stylised forest made out of several laser beams in a playful atmosphere that will delight the youngest children. Families can take some time out of the thrill of the maze to explore the forest, catching laser beams in mid-air or blowing smoke into them to make them appear.

The Laser Forest is suitable for all ages including little ones under 5 and their carers!

Families can also make a day of it by visiting the LightTime exhibition, on show at Scienceworks.