Scienceworks LIVE

Bringing online versions of our most popular programs from Scienceworks to your students.

Join us for these exciting 45-minute interactive virtual programs featuring liquid nitrogen, chemistry experiments and space science with rockets! Each curriculum aligned session includes a linked activity to support students to continue their exploration after the session.

Space X launching off a launch pad.

Blast off live

A virtual, interactive show that explores the forces required to get rockets into space and the effects of space travel on the body.

Close up image of a presenter in a full face safety mask, shrouded in fog, peering at a glass flask with bubbling clear liquid.

Cool stuff live

An interactive virtual excursion – explore the effects of temperature on solids, liquids and gases using super-cool liquid nitrogen.

Image using Stellarium, a planetarium program with images of stars, planets and constellations highlighted using the Stellarium program.

Secrets of the sky live

A presenter-led guided tour of the Melbourne sky using Stellarium, an open source stargazing program


$90 per program (up to 30 students) + $35 booking fee


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