Fictitious moon base on the surface of the Moon

Moon Base Camp

Victorian challenge and enrichment series

Museum Staff-led
Two day workshop
11–12 April 2022
Year level
Years 7-8
Maximum student numbers
Maximum 20 students
Supported by the Department of Education and Training
Booking information
Bookings - email [email protected] to go on the waiting list

NASA is partnering with commercial and international organisations to land astronauts on the Moon by the late 2020's. The first part of the mission will entail building a moon base called "The Gateway".

The space camp program at Scienceworks will be focused on the design of a Moonbase for human survival on the Moon. Students will be given a short presentation about the Moon by Tanya Hill, our Astronomer based at the Melbourne Planetarium with a Q&A opportunity.

They will also watch the Planetarium show called Moonbase ONE, which will provide them with an understanding about natural phenomena that occurs on the Moon such as eclipses and the changing phases of the Moon, phenomena that will be relevant to their design. The understanding of these concepts will be supported through discussions and practical activities.

To gain ideas and inspiration for their Moonbase design, the students will spend time in the Think Ahead exhibition. The Think Ahead exhibition is about innovative design and solving problems of the future through topics including medicine and health, the environment, space and communication. In groups, students will then design their Moonbase using various materials and then learning how to use programs like TinkerCAD and CoSpaces to create a virtual 3D design.

Students will have an option to use Merge Cubes. A Merge Cube is a holographic cube that allows users to physically hold and interact with their 3D design using augmented reality (AR) technology that will bring their design alive.

Skill development

  • creative and critical thinking skills
  • skills in 3D visualisation and Computer Assisted Design (CAD) using CoSpaces, TinkerCAD
  • skills in respectful communication and collaboration
  • presentation skills

Student Nomination Form

Teachers, please download this form and enter your details and the name of the nominated student. Students or their parents booking this program are required to send their nomination form to [email protected] at the time of booking to secure their place.

Please note places are limited so please encourage students to send through their bookings as soon as they receive their nomination.

Curriculum links

  • Earth and space sciences
  • Design technologies
  • Capabilites: Critical and creative thinking, Ethical capabilities, Personal and social

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