LightTime for school groups


Years 5-12
Terms 1-2 Monday–Friday
Minimum 30 students
Maximum 30 students

The Arts, Science, Technology

School programs and resources

LightTime brings together eleven Melbourne artists and creators who have designed beautiful, mesmerizing pieces that will enthral your students through the dramatic manipulation of light, colour and shadow.

Integrating art, physics, design and technology by utilising lenses, mirrors and lasers, this experience plunges you into a dynamic kaleidoscope of illumination and ethereal soundscapes while exploring the science of light and optics.

Allow 30 minutes.

LightTime Artists

Kit Webster
Skunk Control
Leslie Eastman
Mind Buffer ( Josh Batty and Mitchell Nordine)
Eiichi Tosaki and Steve Stelios Adam
Lienors Torre & Rose Woodcock
Daniel Armstrong

Curriculum links

  • Science: Physical science Year 5-10 and Science as a Human Endeavour Year 5-10
  • Visual Communication Design Year7-10
  • Visual Arts Year 5-10
  • Media Arts Year 5-10
  • Technologies: Design and Technologies Year 5-10
  • VCE Physics, Unit 4: Area of Study 1: How can waves explain the behaviour of light?