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Air Playground


Years F-6
Terms 1-3 , Monday–Friday
1 hour
Minimum 15 students
Maximum 60 students

Mathematics, Science, Early Years

School programs and resources

Air is a fluid

Like water, air flows and moves around us. These movements can be beautiful, complex and surprising. Our atmosphere is like an ocean of air. The winds are the currents and the birds and butterflies swim through the vast swells.

Designed with primary aged students in mind, the Air Playground exhibition is a highly social and interactive space where students can explore air and all its complex behaviours. Through open ended tinkering and collaborative play, students develop key STEM skills and dispositions – test, try, fail, iterate. It’s a constant experimental process, allowing students to construct their own knowledge of how a gas behaves and how objects move through gases.

Ask our Bookings team about discounted packages when also booked with Make Solve Create, What’s with the weather? and Toys and Forces programs.

Suggested class organisation in the exhibition

Your Education booking in Air Playground is for a maximum of 60 students and minimum of 15 students. Your group will have an hour in the exhibition.

School groups may like to split their class into 10 groups of maximum 6 students with an adult supervisor for each group. You can print out the Air Playground map and exhibit guides and rearrange the order of the exhibit guides to ensure each group starts at a different exhibit and moves in a round-robin fashion. Each group of students has around 5 minutes at every exhibit. This leaves some extra time to gather the students or for students to revisit their favourite exhibit.

Teacher resources

The following resources including map, exhibit guides and facilitation questions, classroom projects are designed to enhance the learning experience in the exhibition or be used as pre and post-visit activities to hook or consolidate.

STEM learning guide

Use the web pages below or download the guides:

Map of Air Playground

Download the map as a PDF (100KB)

AIr Playground exhibition map

Exhibition guide

Our exhibiton guide provides descriptions and suggested prompts for each of Air Playground's ten exhibits. It also includes an on-excursion kit for students. 

At school activities

  • Paper aeroplanes – What makes a paper plane fly better than a piece of paper? Turns out it’s a well-balanced design!
  • Spin and Fly – What features help something float or flutter in the breeze? To get them started on their investigation, students will make a rotocopter from one of the provided templates.
  • Design challenge: Make an Aircade game – students will design their own aircade game out of recycled or easily found materials inspired by the Air Playground exhibition and Caine’s Arcade.
  • Push and pull with air – students will make an air cannon using a paper cup and balloon.
  • Other ideas for air-based STEM projects – ideas to make land-yachts, flying cup challenge, hovercrafts.

Curriculum links

  • F–2 Earth and Space Sciences, Physical Sciences, Design and Technologies
  • 3–4 Physical Sciences, Design and Technologies, Measurement and Geometry
  • 5–6 Chemical sciences
  • F–6 Critical and creative thinking, Science inquiry skills