High School Hackathon

4–9 September 2020

As part of the Digital Innovation Festival, join us as we hack digital solutions in response to our changing world.

With support from industry professionals, Pearcey Foundation and Museums Victoria staff, high school students will have the opportunity to respond to the question:

How might digital innovations support Victorians to adapt to change?

  • How will we feed ourselves in the future?
  • How will we move ourselves in the future?
  • How will we capture information?
  • What will we do with all the information we capture?
  • How will we communicate?

What's a hackathon? 

A broad definition of a hackathon is an event of a defined duration where people collaborate to solve problems creatively. It may or may not require the use of digital technologies. ‘Hacking’ simply means creative problem solving. These design sprints are commonly used in technology and engineering industries.

Free information session

Join our teacher information session from 4pm–5.30pm, Friday 28 August for a Q&A with Scienceworks staff about how the sessions will run and an introduction to the resources.

This session is free but teachers will need to to register interest at [email protected] to receive the meeting link.

Event details

Thu 3 Sep,
Teacher briefing session
Fri 4 Sep,
Day 1: Thinking innovatively
Mon 7 Sep,
Day 2: Prototyping and storyboarding (optional)
Tue 8 Sep,
Day 3: Create and submit pitch video (optional)
Wed 9 Sep,
Day 4: Panel feedback (optional)

Check the full schedule below

Register now

Final registrations must be received by 5pm, Tuesday 1 September.

To register your interest please contact [email protected].

There is a $50 hackathon registration fee per school. There is no limit on number of participating students per school however, there is a final limit on the total number of students involved in the event. Book now to avoid disappointment.


Day 1: Thinking innovatively

Friday 4 September

Three webinar sessions facilitated by Scienceworks, including a Q&A with industry professionals:

9am–10am Webinar 1: Introduction from Scienceworks (resource: Collecting to Think Ahead)
11am–12.30pm Webinar 2: Panel and Q&A - Adapting to change with the help of digital innovations
2.30pm–3pm Webinar 3: Feedback on student ideas

Day 2: Prototyping + storyboarding

Monday 7 September

9am–10am Webinar 4: Prototyping tools + pitch storyboarding

What to submit in 90 sec pitch video:
  • Specific problem you are solving
  • Who are your users and what are their needs?
  • What is your digital innovation – include footage of any prototypes or sketches if you made them
  • How would your project become commercially viable?
12pm–12.30pm Check in on Slack with mentors who will facilitate teams’ thinking and prototype formation
12.30pm–2.30pm Students prototype and plan storyboard, start filming
2.30pm–3pm Check in with mentors

Day 3: Create and submit pitch video

Tuesday 8 September

9.30am–10am Check in on Slack with mentors at the start of the day re storyboard and filming
12pm–12.30pm Check in on Slack with mentors re finalisation of pitch video
3pm Students send videos to teachers via YouTube or Vimeo link
3pm–5pm Teachers decide on two pitch video links to submit for panelist feedback

Day 4: Panel feedback

Wednesday 9 September

2pm–3pm Webinar 5: Panelists respond to selected pitch videos


Tech tools for solution building

On day 2 we will introduce a number of collaborative prototyping and design tools we have found to be useful in our onsite Design Sprints. The hackathon encourages students to make use of whatever tools and skills they already have at hand, whether low-tech models made from their home recycling or snippets of code, wireframes of apps etc.

Online collaboration tools

A virtual hackathon presents both challenges and opportunities. Ease of communication is important to us so please feel free to provide feedback on what would work best for you during the teacher information session on 28 August. Our current plan is for communication with museum mentors to be via Slack whereas within your school teams, feel free to continue using whatever platform your school is already working with.

The teacher information session link will also remain open as an e-lounge for teachers requiring support throughout the event.


Presented as part of the Digital Innovation Festival.

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