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Opening Hours

Daily 10am–4.30pm
Closed Good Friday
and Christmas Day

Where to find us

2 Booker Street
Spotswood, Victoria, 3015


A girl wearing a red pinafore with hair blowing back
Science is in the air

Air Playground

Prepare to be blown away by this playful journey through six breezy worlds each exploring different concepts of air.

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Child jumping an inflatable bouncing structure
Science is in the air

Inflatable Adventure

Bounce, push, squeeze and play with air on our giant inflatable sculpture this summer!

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Performer holding a drum with smoke coming from it. The audience is in the background
Science is in the air

Little Kids’ Week In: Air Play

Breathe easy at Scienceworks for Little Kids’ Week In, with five whole days celebrating the very air around you

Man with a large bubble. A group of parents and children looking on
Science is in the air

Bubble Mania!

Be amazed as we blow spectacular giant bubble creations across the arena. How many can you pop?

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Planetarium Nights

Planetarium Nights

Experience the Planetarium after hours for an evening of fully immersive cinema in our new event series especially for adults.

Woman using a garden blower to hold a ball in the air

Summer holiday activities

Science is in the air this summer with the arrival of our new Air Playground exhibition.

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Presenter demonstrating air pressure by sending out a fog ring in an air cannon towards an audience

Blown Away!

Be blown away by our epic air experiments in a 20-minute live show.

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Great Melbourne Telescope at the Melbourne Observatory, 1880’s

Great Melbourne Telescope Restoration

Watch the reconstruction of the iconic Great Melbourne Telescope as it celebrates its 150th anniversary.

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Dome Under Fulldome Film Festival February 2020 projection on the dome of the Melbourne Planetarium

Dome Under Fulldome Festival

Attention all film buffs! Melbourne Planetarium is hosting the first Fulldome festival in Australia.

Planetarium Starts

STEM Videogame Arcade

Play award winning games by Australia’s emerging designers in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

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Museums Victoria Store now open online!

Shop the best of our Scienceworks range; explore the intricate workings of the human skeletal system with our anatomical skeleton kit, enjoy your coffee in astronomical style with a NASA ceramic mug, or produce perfect projects with stellar space stationary and solar system eraser sets.