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Notice a pattern. See how something works. Learn something new. Science is all around us.

Science is a process through which we come to understand more about our world. It involves both scepticism and wonder. A willingness to test new ideas is an important requirement for science. Just as important are curiosity and excitement about one's environment. These are skills that can be applied anywhere—not just in a laboratory.

Chemicals in Food and Everyday Reactions explore some of the chemistry in our daily lives. Find out how DNA can be extracted from living cells in your kitchen, or fragments may be found in long-dead remains. Lightning and Rainbows describe what lies behind these natural phenomena. Discovering Light, Gravity and Radioactivity trace the key people and experiments that shaped the development of our ideas on these subjects. Famous Scientists gives a biography of some key thinkers.

Many of the topics on these pages are explored in the galleries at Melbourne Museum and at Scienceworks Museum.

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