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The late Jimmy Pike was a renowned Aboriginal artist and children's book illustrator. From the Great Sandy Desert of north west Australia, his Walmajarri name was Kurnti Kujarri. When he was a boy he walked out of the desert into a cattle station in the vast rugged area known as the Kimberleys. The white manager at Cherrabun Station named him Jimmy Pike after the champion jockey of the same name.

He became a stockman and although he was always aware that Jimmy Pike was a famous jockey, he knew nothing of Phar Lap until told about the horse in the 1990s. The painting, in the nave style, places Phar Lap in a Kimberleys setting.

Jimmy Pike painting
Jimmy Pike, My horse Phar Lap, acrylic on canvas, 30 26 cm. Donated by Jimmy Pike
Source: Museum Victoria

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