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Title Image: The Horse
Harry Telford Trainer/Leasee

 Harry Telford

Raising a champion from his Sydney stables had so far eluded Harry Telford. He'd grown up around horses and knew a thing or two about pedigrees. Still, now in his fifties, he had yet to find a 'reasonable' horse that could pay the rent and support his family.

The battling trainer worked both his horses and jockeys hard. As tough as Telford was, he must have had some nerves about the chance he was taking on the colt from New Zealand. Telford was pretty well broke and to deliver a poor performer to Davis risked alienating one of the few clients he had left.

Phar Lap was to change Telford's fortunes. The battler's address changed to 'easy street' as his horse piled victory upon victory. By 1930 Telford owned many horses. He bought the property Braeside at Mentone, Victoria, and upgraded it as a horse training facility at great cost.

Commitments at Braeside prevented Telford from accompanying Phar Lap on the fateful excursion to America. He trained very few winners after Phar Lap's death and eventually had to give up Braeside. Telford retired from racing in 1957 and died in 1960.

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