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Title Image: The Horse
1930 Melbourne Cup on film

 Phar Lap Winning
Still image from The Mighty Conqueror, 1931

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Here he is with nine stone twelve, one hundred and thirty-six pounds, as a four year old in the Melbourne Cup of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty.

Ten thousand pounds sterling that race was worth. And the best stayers in Australia were engaged. But Phar Lap simply played with 'em!

Here he comes now, over near the inside rails, going easily, but Pike's not going to take any risks. He's riding him out.

The others are scrambling for second and third. No danger now. Here's the post and Pike eases in.

—Commentary, 1930 Melbourne Cup, The Mighty Conqueror, 1931

Footage courtesy of ScreenSound Australia

© Museum Victoria Australia