Census YearCountry Name
1881Burma (Myanmar)
1891Burma (Myanmar)
1901Burma (Myanmar)
1911Burma (Myanmar)
1961Burma (Myanmar)
1966Burma (Myanmar)
1971Burma (Myanmar)
1976Burma (Myanmar)
1981Burma (Myanmar)
1986Burma (Myanmar)
1991Burma (Myanmar)
1996Burma (Myanmar)
2001Burma (Myanmar)
2006Burma (Myanmar)
2011Burma (Myanmar)


• From 1886 to 1948 Burma was administered by Britain.

• Although Burma became a separate, self-governing colony in 1937, and gained independence from Britain in 1948, this was not reflected in the Victorian census until 1961.

• In 1989 Burma adopted the name ‘Union of Myanmar’. This name change, while accepted by the United Nations, is not recognised by the Australian Federal Government.

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