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Live science takeovers during National Science Week

Our experts took took to Instagram and Twitter across National Science Week showing us a fascinating journey behind the scenes and sharing their scientific specialties and Museum life. Below is just a taste of 

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Melanie Mackenzie
Woman holding a leaf insect on her wrist

Earlier this week

Arachnology & entomology live chat

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Entomology behind-the-scenes live chat

Ten Second Science Challenge

The ultimate science showdown.

The Ten Second Science Challenge pushes museum experts to their limit. With only ten seconds to explain their science, can our experts take the pressure?

Join us on Melbourne Museum's Instagram Stories from 12pm as we share our experts breaking down science communication boundaries, like never before.

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Kate Phillips

Our Treasured Earth

 Saturday 14 August | Kate Phillips

Kate makes exhibitions, public events and publications on topics relating to science, technology and society for audiences of different ages, interests and backgrounds.

Potrait of a young woman with long blonde hair and glasses sitting at a computer

Women in Science

Sunday 15 August | Sara Webb

Sara is an astronomer and science communicator currently completing her PhD in astrophysics. She is passionate about sharing the wonders of astronomy with people of all ages. 

Joanna Sumner

Superheroes of Science

Monday 16 August | Dr Joanna Sumner

Joanna manages the Museum's frozen tissue collection and molecular biology laboratories. Her research ranges from conservation genetics of alpine skinks to identifying the components of snake venoms.

Jane Melville

DIY Science

Tuesday 17 August | Dr Jane Melville

Jane's research combines field-based studies on reptiles and amphibians across conservation, genetics, ecology, taxonomy and evolution.

A man in a lab coat

Stunning Science

Wednesday 18 August | Joseph Schubert

Joseph has a background in invertebrate systematics having described various species of Maratus (peacock spiders), and co-publishing a preliminary revision of the genus Jotus (brushed jumping spiders).

Brain Breaks

Thursday 19 August | Nishath Mohamed Nizar

Nish works in the Invertebrate Sciences department at the museum, and loves working with the collection as there are many fascinating attributes that each group have. He has recently come off a research voyage to the Indian Ocean Territories.

Tim O'Hara

Stranger than (Science) Fiction

Friday 20 August | Dr Tim O'Hara 

Tim uses museum collections to answer large-scale questions about the distribution of seafloor animals around the globe. His taxonomic speciality is the Ophiurodea (brittle-stars).

Tim Ziegler


Saturday 21 August | Tim Ziegler

Tim preserves Victoria's fossil collections of backboned animals, plants and microfossils. That's nearly 250,000 specimens. Including dinosaurs, giant marsupials, amber from tree sap, and ancient sharks and whales.

Scientists of tomorrow

Sunday 22 August | Catronia Nguyen-Robertson

Catriona is a singing scientist: she sings in the laboratory and dreams up immunology experiments in the shower. She studies the immune system and teaches science communication.

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