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Can data be beautiful?

How can we talk about climate change in a way that is easy to understand? This video discusses the importance of visualising climate change data with Science Communication expert Kate Phillips and Climate Scientist Dr Linden Ashcroft.

Platypus and a changing environment

Join Kate Phillips, Dr Richard Marchant and Dr Melody Serena for an in-depth look at the platypus and the challenges facing this vulnerable Australian icon.

Finding Dinosaur Footprints

Ever wanted to be a dinosaur hunter? Learn from one of the best! Melissa Lowery has discovered hundreds of bones and footprints near a Victorian coastal town.

Unboxing the museum

Here are four of our favourite science videos from the Unboxing the museum series where we take you on an exclusive tour behind the scenes.

19th century hummingbird case

What weighs less than a 5 cent piece but is also a fighter pilot, fashion model and elite athlete? It's a hummingbird.

In the late 1800's the only way for most people to see animals and birds from other parts of the world was in museum displays. In the late 1800's this hummingbird display was built to house and display hundreds of hummingbirds collected from North and South America. The birds were changed by the museum taxidermists from study skins into the lifelike poses they are in today.

Dr Karen Rowe, Curator of Birds at Museums Victoria takes you inside Store H, the vertebrate dry collection at the museum. She tells us all about the history of the display case and details some of the most remarkable facts about hummingbirds.

Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

The tale of a species back from extinction. It was believed that the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, or the walking sausage as the locals called it, was extinct until a small colony was found on a remote rocky outcrop. Since then they have been bred in captivity with the hope that one day they will be returned to Lord Howe Island. In this video Simon Hinkley tells us all about this remarkable insect and its numbers are being carefully looked after across the world.

Glass Sponge

In this episode Nish Nizar reveals an elusive and striking specimen, a glass sponge usually found in deep water off the Phillipines and Fiji.

The world's fastest beetle

Want to know what the world's fastest beetle is? How fast can it run? Tamara Morgan unveils the worlds fastest beetle, it runs so fast it loses vision!

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