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Unboxing the museum video series

In this series of videos our expert staff take you on an exclusive tour behind the scenes of our museums. They “unbox” some of their favourite objects giving you fascinating insights into our collection and giving you an exclusive behind the scenes look in our museums.

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Close-up on of a hummingbird
Close-up on of a hummingbird
video 1

19th Century Hummingbird Case

In the late 1800's this hummingbird display was built to house and display hundreds of hummingbirds collected from North and South America.

Video 2

Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

In this video Simon Hinkley tells us all about this remarkable insect and its numbers are being carefully looked after across the world.

Video 3

Orchard Swallowtail

What is a Orchard Swallowtail and what is a gynandromorph? In this episode Simon unveils a very rare gynandromorph in our entomology collection.

Video 4

Glass Sponge

In this episode Nish Nizar reveals an elusive and striking specimen, a glass sponge usually found in deep water off the Phillipines and Fiji.

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