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Why Models Work Animal, Mineral, Vegetable Edition



Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
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Part of the "Why Models Work" lecture series featuring curators, collection managers and conservators presenting detailed studies of models currently on display in the exhibition, Mini Mega Model Museum at Melbourne Museum. Each edition explores the models in more detail from the experts who care for them and use them in their work.

Delicate glass sea creatures, realistic gold nuggets and a colourful wire virus protein are just a few of the items on display in the Mini Mega Model Museum exhibition.

In this lecture the origins of these intriguing science-based models will be explained including the glass work of the Blaschka family, whose flowers and sea creatures still astound us with their beauty and accuracy over a century after they were made, and the museum’s collection of 177 nugget models made to record these massive gold finds and shown in World’s Fairs to promote Victoria. 

Speakers will link these historical stories to contemporary science where digital and physical models enhance our knowledge and problem solving, in particular allowing us to delve into the molecular world.

The Mini Mega Model Museum exhibition will be open from 5–6pm for a pre-lecture viewing, included in the ticket price.


  • Matilda Vaughan – Exhibition Curator, Mini Mega Model Museum (Curator, Engineering)
  • Johanna Simkin - Senior Curator, Human Biology and Medicine
  • Michela Mitchel
  • Dermot Henry - Head Sciences