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Top Designs 2021

Returns to Melbourne Museum

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$0 – $15

See 95 works selected by panels of expert educators in each area of study including VCE Media, Product Design and Technology, Systems Engineering, Theatre Studies and Visual Communication Design, as well as VCE VET Creative and Digital Media and Integrated Technologies.

This year's exhibitors provide us a glimpse into the future of design and how aspects of design can be incorporated into many features of our ever-evolving world, including our health, environmental and creative industries.

This year, students also had to undergo an additional challenge, with the extraordinary experience of a global pandemic and one of the world’s longest lockdowns in Victoria. Students faced an array of challenges that affected their timelines and the creation of their final product, with learning remotely and an inaccessibility to teachers, school workshops and materials. Students were forced to source materials locally and investigate new learning approaches to overcome these challenges.

Despite these difficulties, the class of 2020 have shown tremendous innovation in isolation, demonstrating initiative and determination as they creatively overcame the challenges of last year. Students used YouTube to learn new skills, scavenged hard rubbish to score invaluable materials and one student even boiled chicken feet to replace plastic props that could only be sourced internationally.

Don’t miss your chance to see the next generation of artists, designers and media makers as they take the next step in their creative careers.

Top Designs 2021 is complemented by a range of educational programs, including introductory talks and forums from various industry professionals which provide valuable insight and inspiration to current VCE and VCE VET design students.


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