Colourful snake skeleton

Snap, CT scan, model, predict!

What new technology reveals about rare reptiles and frogs

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A new research project using innovative technologies for fieldwork and analysis will map Australian reptiles and amphibians in space and time. This will give a powerful picture of the herpetological fauna in the landscape with uses such as predicting and mitigating the impacts of climate change on reptile and frog species.

Hear from the scientists on this bold new project combining the fields of palaeontology, macro-ecology, computed tomography (CT scanning), taxonomy and genetics. They will illustrate how museum-based work with large, data-rich collections and new non-invasive techniques can reveal more than ever before and built an interactive, online space for collection access.


Juan P Valbuena
PhD Student, University of Melbourne and Museums Victoria

Juan is a herpetologist specialised in computational biology, remote sensing and geographic information systems who is passionate about exploration. His training has taken him around the globe and involved handling highly venomous snakes. He combines his passion for exploration with machine learning technologies to uncover the beautiful diversity of the planet and understand its relationship with the environment.

Rocio Aguilar
Research Associate Monash University and Museums Victoria

Rocio is an Argentinean herpetologist who has called Australia home for the past 12 years, specialising in eco-physiology and morphology, thermal biology and CT scanning. She has set out to CT scan most Australian lizard species to better understand the evolutionary morphology pathways that made Australia the most lizard-diverse country in the world. She applies new technologies such as computed tomography to undercover morphological secrets stored in museum collections, from fossils to extant species.

Rebecca Rose
Assistant Curator of Herpetology, Museums Victoria

Rebecca is the Assistant Curator of Herpetology at Museums Victoria.  She has worked across a wide variety of animal species both in Australia and Africa, including reptiles, mammals, and birds. She has worked in areas of ecology, genetics, conservation, and animal behaviour.

Banner Image: Acanthophis antarcticus, Snake skeleton. Photographer: Rocio Aguilar


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