Science Week pop-up



Foyer outside Forest Gallery
Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
What's On

Come see a snapshot of our brilliant biodiversity from the Alps to the abyss.

You’ll find astonishing deep-see animals brought back from the Investigator Marine Research field trip including the famous Faceless Fish, a bizarre type of eel that lives some 4000m beneath the ocean surface. Peek into the strange and extreme world of the ocean’s abyss, and learn about the impacts of plastic pollution that reach even these great depths.

You’ll also see an array of lizards, frogs and snakes from across Victoria’s national parks, collected during the program of Victorian Bioscans.

The specimens on show will be studied for centuries to come. This is your chance to see the work of museum’s scientists, and how they contribute to our understanding of our natural world.

This display is a special event for National Science Week.