Mini mystery family workshop



Learning Lab
Melbourne Museum
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An intergenerational adventure

A mini mega family adventure like no other!

Oh no! Museum objects have gone missing from our Mini Mega Model Museum exhibition and we need your help to find them!

Linking with our Mini Mega Model Museum exhibition developed specifically for children this workshop explores the shifting-scale models from Museum Victoria’s collection. Using the magic of digital technologies in our new Learning Lab, we’ll shrink participants down to mini size so they can help to find the lost objects and solve our museum mystery.

In Mini Mystery kids and adults experience a full day program where they learn about the importance of models and work in teams to create their own mini mystery film.

This workshop is suitable for 8–10 year olds accompanied by an adult – parent, guardian, uncle, aunty, grandparent. Children and adults participate in the workshop together and a ticket is required for each person.

Food and drink is not provided in this workshop but we will have a morning tea and lunch break. We ask that all participants bring their own food and drink or visit our Museum Café onsite during these breaks.



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