Migration, Television and Cultural Diversity in Australia since 1956



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Did you know that migrants were integral to the Australian TV industry?

The launch of Australian television in 1956 coincided with mass-scale migration, and migrants worked in all areas of television, from management and production to installation and repairs. They also gradually found roles on screen, although the representation of cultural difference in local TV has always lagged behind the ethnic composition of the Australian population.

Learn more about the interconnected histories of migration and television in Australia as Professor Kate Darian-Smith and Dr Kyle Harvey discuss their recent research into this topic.

Lecture suitable for age 12+

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Professor Kate Darian-Smith (Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, College of Arts, Law and Education, University of Tasmania)

Portrait of a woman
Professor Kate Darian-Smith

Dr Kyle Harvey (Research Fellow, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne)

Portrait of a man
Dr Kyle Harvey