Front view of mounted display shark

Marine Life

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Accompanied by brilliant photos, underwater footage and rare specimens, museum scientists show you the wonderful life of marine Victoria. You'll find the animals that skulk about the sand plains of Port Philip Bay, and the dense, colourful colonies and corals of our sponge gardens. You'll see what lives among the kelp forests of our rocky reefs and the calm waters of our seagrass meadows. Far beyond the coast, you'll meet nervous animals that cruise around the open ocean, pursued by hungry hunters like big fish, sharks and whales.

Marine Life covers how Victoria's marine creatures use camouflage, speed, poisons and spines to evade predators. You can compare the different ways sea animals hunt and feed, how their mouthparts work, and where they fit within a complex food web.

Go a little further, and the exhibition takes you down into the deep sea—the most common habitat on Earth. Here in the darkness the inhabitants have different strategies to survive in this extreme environment, like fangs and chemical lights. Strange animals devour carcasses that sink to the ocean floor hundreds or thousands of metres below the surface. And here you witness the battle of the titans: a Sperm Whale versus a Giant Squid.


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