Living wonders from the forest to the deep sea



Melbourne Museum Theatre
Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
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Museum scientists reveal astounding recent discoveries

This morning seminar will present museum scientists’ recent discoveries and will illustrate how complex patterns in sound, colour, shape and genetics can now be used to understand natural diversity.  

As well as sharing the wonder that researchers feel when they make new discoveries, the presentations will show how collaborations, new technology and citizen science are vital to current research efforts.  

Seminar participants will have time for discussion over morning tea.


Dr Jo Sumner: Conserving Victoria’s dragon diversity – new species on the brink of extinction

Peter Marriott and Marilyn Hewish: Patterns on the wing – what moth biodiversity in the Otways tells us about environmental change

Dr Robin Wilson: Marine discoveries from Port Phillip to the Abyss

Dr Karen Rowe: The power of sound recordings in understanding bird dynamics