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Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
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Inside Out is a one-of-a-kind audio-aesthetic adventure where extraordinary objects are reimagined with theatrical beauty.

370 of Museums Victoria’s most beautiful and most intriguing objects will be on display, taken out from behind closed doors of a total collection of over 17 million.

Playful, immersive and quietly thrilling, step into a world where showbirds dance, miniature civilisations rise and fall and heartbeats last hundreds of millions of years.

You’ll journey through frozen moments, vibrant vignettes and abstracted everyday environments. A glossy sushi bar offers treats with a twist, velvet curtains invite you backstage and meteorites surround a mysterious night-time scene bathed in moonlight from 1874.

Trip through time, whisper confessions and eavesdrop on ghostly conversations. Rustles, coughs and soft skittering sounds suggest hidden movement, forgotten histories and the things that lurk just outside of view.

If you thought Museum exhibitions were two dimensional, think again.

Bring your headphones, bring a friend, bring an open heart and press play.

This exhibition contains adult themes. Parental guidance recommended.

Late Night Sessions

Inside Out will run late every Thursday and Friday night throughout January and February (excluding 26 Jan).

On Friday 5 Jan and 2 Feb, Nocturnal and Inside Out come together to provide you with the ultimate party. Tickets for these nights must be booked via the Nocturnal webpage.


Inside Out

Adults, Concession & Children $10.00
Members $10
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Inside Out & Museum entry

Adults $24.00
Concession & Children $10.00
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Flexible ticket

To use at any time while the exhibition is on. 
Inside Out only $24.00
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