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Georgia Maq + Sky City Gold

Melbourne Museum and Melbourne Music Week

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We’re sorry to confirm that this event has been postponed until 20 May 2022. Stay tuned for updates and we will be in touch with ticket-holders. We thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

Georgia Maq, singer and guitarist of beloved punk rockers Camp Cope, is blazing the scene with her debut solo album Pleaser.

Her brand of unapologetic pop sentiments shine and delight with this step in a different artistic direction. With her formidable voice lighting up each song of synth-pop goodness, love is the message here.

MMW is beyond excited to debut this very special show at Melbourne Museum for a night of loved up bliss.

Delivering top notch support gear is brand new psychedelic art rock ensemble composed of Beatrice Lewis (Haiku Hands, Kardajal Kirridarra), Joel Ma (Joelsitivs), Thomas Mitchell and David Williams. Their sound is journey music for intrepid minds with a punk energy.

Georgia McDonald

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Georgia Maq

Georgia McDonald has established herself in recent years as the singer and guitarist of Melbourne, Australia indie rock band Camp Cope, whose sophomore album How to Socialise and Make Friends (Run For Cover/Poison City Records) won widespread acclaim, topping a slew of 2018 end of year lists including NPR, Pitchfork, Billboard, Bandcamp, Stereogum, The Guardian, and Brooklyn Vegan.

The impact of the trio's music on the indie landscape has been undeniable, with McDonald emerging as a brave, resilient, and often politicized figure. Using her formidable voice to fight for the betterment of the music industry and rally against sexism, racism and all forms of structural inequality, she has never shied away from the uncomfortable and difficult topics that dominate the news cycle.

So when McDonald describes her debut solo album, Pleaser (Run For Cover/Poison City Records) as "a love album", it's immediately clear that this is a step in a different artistic direction. "I think the main theme is love, obviously, all kinds of love. Love that you walked away from so you could love yourself, unrequited love, forgiving love, love with no point to it," she explains.

The album opens strategically with "Away From Love" - the only time guitar is featured on all of Pleaser, with the rest of the album done entirely electronically. "Away From Love" and "Like A Shadow" were recorded with Darcy Baylis, while the other songs on the record were produced by Run For Cover Records labelmate Katie Dey.

Pleaser's 8 tracks shimmer and pulsate, calling to mind pop artists like Lorde, Robyn, Charli XCX and Gwen Stefani. "I took more time to record the songs and play around with them, and I liked that because I could change things and experiment more," McDonald says, continuing "I think the pressure of working with other people drove me to finish the songs, which I hated but also loved because it's nice to be challenged."

While McDonald may have felt challenged while writing Pleaser, the experience of listening to the album is anything but difficult. Its unapologetic pop sentiments shine and delight, McDonald's gorgeous alto soaring above each track. It's a record listeners will find themselves quickly falling in love with and returning to again and again - and really, in times like these, who doesn't need more love songs?

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Sky City Gold

Members of Go Sky
Go Sky

Sky City Gold is a psychedelic art rock ensemble composed of Beatrice Lewis, Joel Ma, Thomas Mitchell and David Williams.

Their music is a kaleidoscopic visual wonderland for the mind, Sky City Gold describe their sound as 'journey music for intrepid minds with a punk energy’ specialising in female led party anthems to soundtrack the simulation, they capture the raw energy of live improvised performances with analogue synthesisers, angular guitars, and krautrock and disco rhythms.

Sky City Gold have recorded an extensive body of work and developed their creative concepts over the past 2 years, launching into the stratosphere this year with their debut single ‘Let’s Go’ they have their debut show at Melbourne Music Week supporting Georgia Maq at Melbourne Museum.

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