Be the Fashionable Change



Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
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Terrible stories of human rights abuses and environmental destruction in the fashion industry often leave us feeling disempowered and hopeless.

Melbourne Museum and Walk Sew Good come together for this exciting event to inspire you to take action. You'll hear from incredible change makers shaking up the fashion industry and learn about the different ways you can be a part of the positive fashion movement.


Koky Saly

Koky founded BeeKeeper Parade, an award winning social business, on a promise he made to his sister who was fighting cancer in hospital: To use business to inspire positive change, do no harm to our environment and give back to the world. So far the brand has up-cycled 10 tonnes of fashion waste into beautiful products and funded 3,000 places for children to study English.

Nayeem Emran

Nayeem is Oxfam Australia’s Labour Rights Advocacy Lead. He has an extensive background working on labour rights in supply chains globally, both with the International Labour Organisation and with the World Bank, and is now leading the work with partners to forward Oxfam’s policy and influencing agenda on labour rights.

Shanya Suppasiritad

Shanya is a former stylist and co-founder of the online wardrobe sharing platform Tumnus. Tumnus aims to disrupt the way we consume clothing by providing an easy way for fashion lovers to share their wardrobe with other people in their area. The business is founded on the belief that everyone should look good, but not at the cost of others.

Megan O’Malley

Megan previously worked as Head of Research for Project JUST. Her latest venture was as one half of dynamic dorky duo Walk Sew Good. The pair walked 3500km across Southeast Asia meeting with and sharing the stories of people creating fashion in positive ways. Megan now writes for Eco Warrior Princess and works as a fashion consultant. 


Gab Murphy

Gab learnt about the power of fashion to create change when she walked 3500km across Southeast Asia as one half of Walk Sew Good. A passionate advocate for human rights and the environment, during the 11 month adventure she became aware of the positive impact fashion can have when it is made in a way that respects people and the planet.