Program: Saturday 14 May

Art After Dark

Plan your evening at Melbourne Museum. Explore the exhibitions, hear from curators and scientists, dance to your favourite DJ set and much more. Immerse yourself in the Museum Universe! 


Voyager One

9pm, 11pm & 12.30am


Voyager One is an ethereal and meditative celebration of the cosmos, reflecting the awe and wonder with which humanity has always regarded the stars. Marking the period of time it took NASA’s Voyager One Space Probe to leave Earth in 1977, the choral work explores the moment humanity launched its most ambitious scientific exploration into the vast expanses of space. Created by Michaela Gleave with Amanda Cole and Warren Armstrong and performed by the Divisi Chamber Singers.


8pm, 10pm & 11.30pm


Inspired by cosmic imagery, synthesizer artist Fia Fiell and percussionist Zela Papageorgiou present an ambient performance of improvisations featuring electronics, percussion and Federation Handbells.

Immersive Digital & Film

Worlds Immersive


Digital Experience   |   Immersive Digital Studio, Ground Level

As forces of nature are manipulated, naturally occurring patterns reveal the underlying laws of the universe and the connection between all things. In this 5-minute cinematic journey from the origin of the universe and through the building blocks of nature, to explore the patterns and connections that bind us and the natural world together.

River Connections


Digital Experience   |   Immersive Digital Studio, Ground Level

We are all part of a dynamic web of life. Journey through the unique environment of the Murray River in this immersive infinity projection that explores how all life is connected and dependent on a healthy environment to thrive, made in collaboration with First Peoples community members exploring their close connections to the land, animals, plants and rivers of Victoria.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 3D

6.10pm & 9pm

Film Screening   |   IMAX, Lower Level

Experience the Multiverse on the world’s best biggest screen and join Doctor Strange and his mystical allies on a journey through mind-bending alternate realities. Separate IMAX tickets required and Art After Dark guests receive exclusive Doctor Strange pin badges. 


Pjenné & Millú


DJ Set | Plaza 

After a decade dancing before the infamous front left speaker, recent years have seen Millú and Pjenné take post on the other side of the booth, weaving a brave lineage between techno, electro and - combining contemporary sounds with the nostalgic palette of bygone eras.

Soju Gang


DJ Set | Foyer

Not boxing herself in, Soju’s djing places audience first - mixing in a broad spectrum of sounds, seamlessly jumping from genre to genre. Not just a DJ, but a multidisciplinary artist, Soju Gang has shown her ease in displaying her versatility - an events producer, graphic and fashion designer, community advocate and now, host for Sydney’s hip hop radio “CADA”.



DJ Set | Plaza

When two of the country’s busiest DJs united to become IN2STELLAR, incredible things started to happen. DJ Sarah and Georgia Bird quickly solidified their place in the flourishing Melbourne scene and became a welcome addition to club and festival lineups all over the country.

Harvey Sutherland


DJ Set | Foyer

After making a name amongst Melbourne’s electronic underground, musician and producer Mike Katz released his first cassette under nom de plume Harvey Sutherland. Blending a broad array of crate-digging influences, his bubbling and neurotic machine funk has made international waves since his early 12” single.


Universe in Motion

7pm, 8pm & 9pm

curator Talks | Melbourne Gallery, Upper Level 

Encounter rare objects and stories from the Museum's Society & Technology collection with curator talks that bring out the deep explorer in us all and challenge how we look at the phenomena of our universe.  

Time Travellers' Tour

7.30pm, 8.30pm & 9.30pm   

Curator Tour | Science and Life Gallery, Ground Level

Go on a journey through time with the Museum’s Head of Sciences, Dermot Henry. Discover seven amazing rocks and crystals which reveal stories of the history of our beautiful blue planet.

Meteorites: Out of this World


Curator Pop-Up | Science and Life Gallery, Ground Level

Have a close encounter with some truly incredible meteorites with histories stretching back to the beginning of our solar system and beyond.

Insects & Spiders


Curator Pop-Up | Science and Life Gallery, Ground Level

Discover the Museum’s entomology collection in a spectacular display of insects and spiders from Australia and across the globe.

Bugs Alive


Curator Tour | Science and Life Gallery, Ground Level

For what they lack in size, bugs make up in numbers: there are over 150 million insects for every human on Earth. See live feeding of our lungfish and reptile encounters with the Museum’s live exhibit keepers.




Triceratops: Fate of the Dinosaurs


Exhibition   |   Science & Life Gallery, Ground level

Get lost in the landscapes of a lost world, get to know the creatures of the Cretaceous and come face to face with one of the most awe-inspiring creatures ever to walk the Earth in an immersive voyage of Triceratops: Fate of the Dinosaurs. Book a timed session with your free Art After Dark ticket.

Open Horizons: Ancient Greek Journeys and Connections


Exhibition   |   Mind & Body Gallery, Upper Level

Exclusive to Melbourne Museum, see some of the most significant items from the National Archaeological Museum in Athens including ancient works that date from the Early Bronze Age to the Roman period that explore Ancient Greece and its influence on the world.

Top Designs


Exhibition | Mind & Body Gallery, Upper Level

Top Designs 2022 showcases 83 works ranging from fashion, film and graphic design, to engineering, web design and sound design and celebrates some of the finest works created by VCE and VET students.

Still in my mind: Gurindji location, experience and visuality


Exhibition   |   Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Ground Level

Simple drawings on a red background
Detail Humpy house, 2013, 76.5 x 56.5 cm Screen print lithograph

Inspired by the words of revered Gurindji/Malngin leader Vincent Lingiari, ‘that land ... I still got it in my mind’, this exhibition considers the ongoing impact of the Gurindji Walk-Off, a seminal event in Australian history which sparked the national land rights movement.


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