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Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
What's On

Join ABC science journalist Natasha Mitchell, presenter of Radio National's Science Friction, and special guests, for a series of hot button conversations about science, society and culture. Guaranteed to provoke! 

#METOO in Science

Thursday 6 September 6.30pm 
The #METOO movement is exposing sexual harassment and discrimination. Now women scientists are putting careers on the line to speak out too.  

#EPICFAIL: Science at school 

Thursday 4 October 6.30pm 
‘Science classes, SO boring!’ Sound familiar? What are we doing wrong? Join students, educators and others as we wrestle with how to turn an #EPICFAIL into #EPICSUCCESS.

School students, teachers, parents come and have your say!

The future of sex

Thursday 1 November 6.30pm  (Adults only event) 
Science gets saucy as we consider the future of sex, pregnancy and pleasure in the 21st Century - womb-less births, sex bots and beyond – be titillated!

Back from the dead 

Thursday 6 December 6.30pm 
Some say we’re seeing the Sixth major extinction event of the Earth’s entire history. Debate the science and ethics of bringing extinct animals back from the dead – can we, could we, and should we?