21 Tiny Dinosaurs

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This summer, 21 tiny dinosaurs are hiding around Melbourne Museum!

Some of these dinosaurs are hiding with letters that can be used to form a secret nine letter codeword.

Your mission is to explore the museum to uncover the dinosaurs and decipher the codeword.

Enter the correct codeword to go in the draw to win one of three prize packs containing a Museum Membership, valued at $99, and a $50 gift voucher to the Museums Victoria store!

Read the tiny dinosaurs adventure story below and check Lucas the Kullasuchus’s list for special clues to help you crack the code.

Lucas the Kullasuchus’s 9 Tricky Clues

  1. Somewhere near the Forest Gallery and the Children’s Gallery: World’s largest soup strainer? Watch out krill!
  2. A gallery with ancient minerals: These Dynamic rockhounds have collections that are also valuable for research.
  3. A room near the Dino Walk: Eeeeew germs! Just kidding; there's no 'Bugs' in this room........ maybe.
  4. Growing above a Fossil: Gardening Victoria? Sorry Costa, not so much until the Evolution of this early plant.
  5. The greenest space in the museum: An enclosure within an enclosure within an enclosure? It must be Trees Threes!
  6. Head upstairs and to the east – towards Fitzroy! S = F / (μ n). You don't need a Mega mind to enjoy these Mini models!
  7. A gallery that’s special to our city: What do you call a horse that can’t lose a race? Sherbet? I can think of another....
  8. Don’t go too far! Fine china, French champagne, and children's toys! What else did those archaeologists dig up under Little Lonsdale Street?
  9. Upstairs and to the west – towards Swanston St! "Ring my bell-ell-ell. Ring my (Federation) bell!

Let the search begin..

Find our dino-friends and go into the running for a $149 prize pack!


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