Vikings: Beyond the Legend school program


Years 8-VCE
Terms 1-3Monday–Friday
Timed session of 1 hour

The Arts, English, The Humanities

School programs and resources

Upon arrival at the exhibition each students will receive an exhibition trail which poses the question: 'Would you have liked to have lived in the time of the Vikings?' This guide will provide them with a map of the exhibition and pose focus questions around each of the key themes/sections of the exhibition.

Upon booking into the exhibition teachers will receive an exhibition guide, written by educators from the Swedish History Museum, which provides a summary of the the key themes covered in the exhibition. The educators guide also provides links to resources that have been used by teachers in the delivery of the year 8 history curriculum in Victoria schools.

The history of the Vikings is a Depth Study for Year 8 students and this exhibition provides an excellent introduction to the rich culture and history of an often misrepresented group. It debunks a number of stereotypes about the Vikings, including the idea that they wore horned helmets while rampaging across the seas. In this exhibition, curated and developed by the Swedish History Museum, the Viking Age covers the period 750–1100AD.

Listen to a lecture by the exhibition's senior curator Lena Hejll - Who were the Vikings? Were they helmet-wearing vagabonds, seafarers and traders, rapers and pilagers, farmers and craftspeople. All of those and more?