Frequently asked questions

How long is the program?

Top Design Webinars run for 55 minutes and include a Q&A component.

How do I book a forum program?

You can email our bookings team directly to book your program [email protected]. Once you’ve booked your virtual learning program you will receive instructions on how to join the session that can be passed onto your students.

How much do Top Design Webinars cost?

15 students / 1 connection: $120 + $35 education service fee
30 students / 2 connections: $240 + $35 education service fee
45 students / 3 connections: $360 + $35 education service fee
60 students / 4 connections: $480 + $35 education service fee
75 students / 5 connections: $600 + $35 education service fee
90 students / 6 connections: $720 + $35 education service fee
105 students / 7 connections: $840 + $35 education service fee
120 students / 8 connections: $960 + $35 education service fee

What virtual platform is being used?

Virtual learning at Museum Victoria is run via Zoom. It’s free and easy to use.

All you need is a computer or device with internet access. It’s great if it also has a web cam and mic but that's not necessary.

We will send out a link to join the program to the teacher and the teacher can pass this onto their students. We ask that teachers click this link 10 minutes before the start of the program.

Once clicking the link follow the prompts to download Zoom (don’t run in your browser, unless you’re having troubles with the download) and once it’s up and running you'll be placed in a waiting room.

Teachers and students do not need to make an account to join the meeting. They will be asked to enter a name.

Is Zoom secure?

We take all precautions to secure our virtual learning programs.

Read more about Zoom

Do teachers need to attend the virtual learning programs with their students?

Yes, teachers are responsible for their students and hold the duty of care for students during all virtual learning programs. Helping to monitor student behaviour is appreciated.

Will there be students from other schools in our virtual learning program?

Yes, Top Designs Webinars program can be booked by multiple schools.

What if the virtual learning schedule doesn’t work for my class?

If there is a specific time that suits you, let us know so we can take it into consideration by emailing [email protected]

Can you provide a recorded version of the virtual learning program?

Due to child privacy laws, we are unable to record the sessions. But we offer them regularly to maximise the opportunity for all students to attend.

We encourage teachers to consider the privacy of their students during virtual learning and ask no screenshots or pictures be taken during Meet the Museum sessions with other schools. However, pictures can be taken if you have negotiated permission with your own class.

I’m a parent, can I book my children into one of these virtual learning programs?

No, these programs are developed to be booked by a teacher and delivered to a class of students. Home school networks are of course welcome to book programs.

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