Love and Sorrow student trail


Years 9-11
Terms 1-4Monday–Friday

The Humanities

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World War I was a tragedy on an almost unimaginable scale. 100 years later its effects are still felt. WWI: Love & Sorrow explores the impact of the war on Australian families.

Each one of the eight stories in this exhibition provides a poignant portrayal of one family’s experience of a war that dragged on for four years and claimed the lives of half the Australian soldiers who offered their service.

Students should select one or two stories to follow in detail while they are in the exhibition. The very personal nature of each family's experience will enhance students’ understanding of the impact of war.

Students should visit the exhibition web site. The trail should be downloaded and printed and then distributed to allocated groups before entering the exhibition.

Confronting material

The exhibition addresses the impact of war. Some of the images and stories are quite confronting, with graphic illustrations of post-war wounds and medical treatment. Some teachers (or parents) may not wish their students to view such images.

Teachers should view the exhibition themselves and decide whether the material is appropriate for their student cohort. The exhibition website provides an insight into the images displayed. It also includes a trailer to build anticipation about the exhibition.