Cold case detectives


Years 9-10
Terms 1-2
T1: Wednesday and Thursday. T2: Wednesday - Friday

Minimum 15 students
Maximum 30 students

English, The Humanities

School programs and resources

What do cold case detectives and historians have in common? What forms of evidence do they use?

Students investigate various time periods in the Melbourne Story exhibition in the role of detectives/historians, profiling the lives - and possibly deaths - of ‘cold cases’ from Melbourne’s past. Students examine objects that belonged to their missing person and use their knowledge of the period to construct plausible scenarios about their fate.

Their investigations continue in the exhibition. Students will collaborate as a team to draw tentative conclusions about aspects of the era by pooling their findings.

The program provides the basis for further investigations back at school.

Curriculum links

Humanities: History Levels 9 and 10