Bug Lab educational experiences


Years K-10
Terms 2-3
Fri 23 Jun–Fri 6 Oct 2017


School programs and resources

Bug Lab – a science exhibition like no other

Immerse your students in a whole day of the mind-boggling and ingenious world of bugs;

  • Visiting Bug Lab
  • Taking a Bugs, Bugs, Bugs staff led program at Melbourne Museum (suitable for students K-4)
  • Seeing the IMAX movie Amazing Mighty Micro Monsters in 3D (suitable for students Yr 2 and over)
  • Visiting the Bugs Alive exhibition, and meeting some of Museums Victoria’s 1000’s of living bugs! 

Bug Lab

Timed entry

Directly linked to the biological science sub-strand of the Victorian Curriculum, and drawing on STEM principles, your students can learn about the genius of bugs and how they are inspiring human innovations.

Students from all year levels will appreciate this beautiful and awe-inspiring exhibition, created by New Zealand’s world famous museum Te Papa, working with five time Academy Award-winning film studio Weta Workshop. Primary students, through collaborative interactions, will explore the features, behaviours and adaptations that allow these amazing creatures to thrive. The multi-modal content will provide rich, detailed information for secondary students, who will discover incredible science stories as they explore the world of bio-inspired industrial design.

A rich Teacher Resource with a wealth of information and STEM-based activities for pre and post visit can be found in the ‘related links’ sections below

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs – museum staff-led program

Duration: 30 min

In this popular hands-on program, students examine the external features of real insects, spiders and other arthropods, using a hand lens to sort and classify them scientifically and learn about classification. Students will also learn how museum scientists look after the insect collection. 

During the program, students will become ‘scientists’ when they observe specimens scientifically to make predictions about what is a bug, what is an insect, and how a spider is different to an insect.

This interactive 30 minute program is recommended as an introduction for groups from Kinder, Foundation, and Level 1–4 before visiting the Bugs Alive! exhibition.

IMAX film – Bugs: Mighty Micro Monsters 3D

Duration: 45 min

Come on a tour of the bustling world beneath your feet to meet the true rulers of Planet Earth. From the Kenyan savannah to the tropical rainforests of North East Australia, the superpowers of these mighty micro monsters are revealed. In a playful nod to classic superhero movies, we will come face to face with some of the natural world’s most incredible creatures. With help from top entomologists, or "bug scientists", this film brings the incredible and sometimes fearsome world of bugs to life.

Curriculum links

Bug Lab strongly links to the Science strand of the Victorian Curriculum:

  • Science as a Human Endeavour
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

And also the Design and Technologies strand – Technologies and Society.

Download the Bug Lab Teacher Resource (in Related Links, below) for a complete reference to the Victorian Curriculum.