Museum lectures presents Dr Karen Rowe's listening for nature project

Dr Karen Rowe takes us on a sonic science journey, and discuss collaborative, community-led efforts in the field. 

Superb Fairy-wren, Malurus cyaneus

Wednesday 20 March, 6pm–7pm, Melbourne Museum. Tickets on sale now

Museum Lectures returns with Museums Victoria's Dr. Karen Rowe, Hugh D. T Williamson Research Fellow, talking about her Listening for Nature project.

Over the past seven years, Museums Victoria’s Dr Karen Rowe has collected an immense library of field recordings from sites in Victoria, the United States and Indonesia, as part of the Listening for Nature project.

Typically information on species presence has helped shape our understanding of their distributional range, preferred habitats and their annual and seasonal movement patterns. However, with more than 237,000 square kilometres of land in the state of Victoria alone, wildlife monitoring is a daunting task. 

For species that are vocal, including birds, frogs and mammals, the field of bioacoustics may have an answer. Recent advances in digital audio recording technology have resulted in the ability to record animal sounds in the wild. Small weatherproof audio systems can gather tremendous amounts of data, which can then be reviewed back in the lab by skilled listeners to determine which species are present.

Using these acoustic monitoring techniques to eavesdrop on habitats has granted Dr Rowe and her team unprecedented opportunities in cataloguing wildlife and charting species populations. Dr Rowe’s bioacoustics studies have also led to exciting leaps forward for conservation efforts here in Australia. Researchers are now able to digitally model individual bird calls - allowing for automatic scans for species decline and rapid intervention.

In this dynamic museum lecture, the first for 2019, from Dr Rowe will take you on a sound journey, from the forests of Indonesia to the plains of Victoria. It will also highlight a citizen-science project that uses sound to help community groups discover what lives in their local area. 

Listening for Nature Museum Lecture

Speaker: Dr Karen Rowe, Hugh D.T. Williamson Research Fellow
Wednesday 20 March | 6pm to 7pm
Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton
Adults $12 / Concession $10 / Museum Member $8

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