Dig for knowledge at Melbourne Museum and Melbourne IMAX as they celebrate National Archaeology Week 2019

Dust off your Indiana Jones hat; it's National Archaeology Week from May 19-25, and Melbourne Museum and Melbourne IMAX have a cracking suite of events planned.

Collection Audit

Families and adults alike can learn all about what’s beneath the surface of modern Melbourne, discover the ways that technology is shaping modern archaeological practice, hear from experts in the field, and bring in unearthed treasures for identification. Kids can delve into stories of digging and discovery in the Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery. And for the adults, IMAX Melbourne will cap off the week with a special one-off screening of 1999 action classic The Mummy with live expert talks.

For tickets and further information, see museumsvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum and imaxmelbourne.com.au

National Archaeology Week at Melbourne Museum and IMAX Melbourne

IMAX Melbourne Special Screening: THE MUMMY

Come on an adventure to Hamunaptra, the city of the dead, to celebrate National Archaeology Week with IMAX Melbourne and Melbourne Museum. That's right - we're digging up action classic THE MUMMY* (1999) to hit the world's largest screen with some very special guests! This special event screening includes an introduction and Q&A with Monash University's expert archaeologist Anna Stevens (Monash University) and ancient historian Andrew Connor (Monash University). So prepare your questions and get ready... THE MUMMY is a thrilling adventure that will have you jumping out of your seat!

Saturday May 25 | 9.00pm at IMAX Melbourne
Tickets available now at imaxmelbourne.com.au
*Please note: This film has not been remastered into the IMAX format. THE MUMMY (1999) will be presented in non-IMAX 2K Digital.

Archaeology Roadshow at Melbourne Museum

Dug up something in your garden and wondering what it might be, who made it, or how old it is? In this Antiques Roadshow-style event Melbourne Museum invites you to bring in your archaeological finds, and our experts will aim to shed some light on them. Curious, located in the main foyer of Melbourne Museum, is THE place to meet museum staff and find info about collections, research and the behind-the-scenes work of Museums Victoria. Explore our hands-on materials and digital collections, and say g’day to Asparagus the Curious python. Featuring expert advice from Professor of Archaeology Tim Murray, from La Trobe University.

Saturday May 25 | 10.00am–5.00pm at Melbourne Museum
Free with museum entry

Archaeology Expert Talk: Under Your Feet

Melbourne Museum partners with Melbourne Knowledge Week and Humanities 21 (University of Melbourne), for discussion about the way that technology is changing contemporary archaeology. With seven key digs taking place in Melbourne over the past twelve months, our knowledge of the city is changing every day. So what exactly is under our feet in Melbourne? Join the discussion alongside experts from Museums Victoria, La Trobe University, Heritage Victoria, Deakin University and more to find out.

Wednesday May 22 | 6.00pm–8.00pm at Melbourne Museum
Tickets available now at museumsvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum

Unearthed Stories: Hidden Voices form Victorian Archaeology

Presented by the Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria (AASV)

Archaeologists working on historic sites in Australia have advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages include the fact that the sites are not necessarily very old in terms of human history, and so we don’t find grails, or lost arks, pyramids or mummies. However a big advantage we do have is the historical record. The very thing that makes our archaeology less glamorous provides us with the means to explore stories in depth - to really get to know who lived or worked on the site - both through the official record, and through the objects they left behind. This talk will explore stories from 3 Victorian archaeological sites through their artefacts and their historical records: the wreck of the Fiji, 4-6 Cohen Place, and Parliament House. Presented by Annie Muir, Curator of the State historical and maritime archaeological collection at Heritage Victoria.

Thursday May 23 | 6.30pm–7.30pm
Register to attend via eventbrite

Hello Possums Story Time X National Archaeology Week

Everybody Monday to Friday the beloved Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery comes alive with adventures and mysteries as stories and museum collection items through books and storytelling. Melbourne Museum will celebrate National Archaeology Week from May 20-24, with a special series of books sure to help kids channel their inner excavator. From First Nations to ancient civilisations and everything in between, join us as we bring pages to life. Can you do it? Yes you can!

Sunday May 20 to Friday May 24 | 11.00am–11.30am at Melbourne Museum
More information at museumsvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum
Free with museum entry.

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