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Experience Museums Victoria from your classroom with this series of virtual learning sessions.

Two museum staff presenting to an iPad which shows schools watching from the classroom.
Virtual learning session in Melbourne Museum's DNA lab

These engaging and interactive virtual experiences provide access to experts and behind-the-scenes spaces across Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and Immigration Museum. 

Museums Victoria uses Zoom Video Conferencing to deliver virtual learning sessions. Registered participants are sent a unique URL a week prior to the session.

Education service fee $35 per connection

Call 03 8341 7767 to register for sessions

To celebrate National Science Week we’re hosting two very special virtual learning sessions!

If Rocks Could Talk with Geologist Tara Djokic 

Thursday 8 August, 2019 2-2.45pm
Suitable for Upper Primary and Lower Secondary students

If rocks could talk, what would they say? Why do we study geology? How is the Earth’s surface constantly changing and what can we learn from it?

Tara is a geologist, astrobiologist and science communicator. Her research has been focussed on understanding the geological setting of some of Earths oldest life. This includes almost a decade of mapping ~3.5 billion year old rocks in the Pilbara of Western Australia in order to better understand the early evolution of life on Earth and help guide the search for life elsewhere in our solar system. She has been involved in the NASA Mars2020 rover site selection workshops and co-led several astrobiology field trips throughout the Pilbara. Tara’s research has also led to the production of a virtual field trip (VFT) that has been used to teach Astrobiology at UNSW since 2016, and her involvement in the IMAX documentary, ’The Story of Earth’, which as its title suggests, illustrates Earth’s 4.6 billion year history. 

Tara believes science education is important and is keen to meet with students to discuss how we can be more curious about the world around us. Join us to learn all about the story of Earth!

Life on Mars with NASA Scientist Dr Darlene Lim

Friday 9 August, 2019   2-2.45pm
Suitable for Upper Primary and Lower Secondary students

When humans finally set foot on Mars, what will they do once they are there? How will they explore? How will they survive?

Dr Darlene Lim is one of a number of geobiologists based at the NASA Ames Research Centre working towards answering these very questions. The research programs that she leads are focused on blending science research with the development of capabilities and ideas for future human spaceflight into deep space and Mars. She spent over 20 years leading field research programs around the world – from the Arctic to the Antarctic, in various underwater environments piloting submersibles or diving as a scientist and explorer, in volcanic settings such as those in Hawaii and Idaho, deserts of all sorts, and now, the deep sea all for the sake of solar system exploration!

Join us for this special virtual learning session with NASA scientist Dr Darlene Lim live from Scienceworks to learn all about her Mars exploration research!

First Peoples daily life

Friday 30 August 2019 2.00–2.45pm
Suitable for primary students

Isobel Morphy Walsh, Jordan Edwards and Di-Di Vaha'akolo from Museums Victoria’s First Peoples team will introduce students to some of the objects that are important to daily life for their peoples and communities. Students will learn about how the objects were made and what they were used for.

Virtual learning test and train professional learning sessions

Haven’t used virtual learning in your classroom before? Don’t worry. We run free test and train professional learning sessions. Teachers can test the set up in their classroom and learn how to navigate the software before connecting live. Test and train sessions will run on the following days in 2019:

MON 18 FEB 2019 4.00-4.30PM
Mon 29 AprIL 4.00–4.30pm
WED 29 may 4.00-4.30pm
Mon 22 JulY 4.00–4.30pm
TUES 6 Aug 4.00-4.30pm

Past virtual learning sessions 

Click on the links below to watch excerpts from past virtual learning sessions.

Presenting talking to Dr. Jake Owens

Giant panda conservation

With biologist Dr Jake Owens from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding live from IMAX Melbourne.

View of Dinosaur Walk exhibition

Dinosaur walk

With paleontologist and Sciences Program Coordinator Priscilla Gaff live from Melbourne Museum.

NASA Scientists presenting to camera

NASA scientists

With NASA Scientist Dr Jessie Christiansen live from Scienceworks.

3 presenters talking to students via virtual learning in the humanities collection store

Cultural diversity

With Museums Victoria staff Moya McFadzean, Jan Molloy and Marita Dyson live from the Humanities Collection Store.

Two presenters sitting in front of a table.

Colonial Violence

With Museums Victoria's Senior Koorie Programs Officer Isobel Morphy-Walsh live from Melbourne Museum

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