Introduction to graphs (using data loggers)

The aim of this program is to give students the opportunity to explore and investigate real life situations, collect first-hand data and use this data to extend their understanding of how graphs work.

Suitable for years 5–8
Introduction to graphs (using data loggers) outreach kit objects

It also opens the door to student-centred and inquiry-based-learning. The data logger is merely a tool that allows the collection of first-hand data, quickly and meaningfully.

Data loggers are a great tool that can be used in the maths classroom to explore a number of topics including graphing and measurement. They provide an opportunity for students to connect real world applications to graphing.

The data loggers used in this kit are quite easy to use and students will be able to start investigating and exploring activities with only a few minutes of instructions.

In this kit, you will find a description of engaging activities that could be used in a maths classroom to introduce students to the topic of graphing. The kit also includes 4 data loggers, a range of sensors, teacher notes and other support materials.

This kit links to the Victorian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics.


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