Kindergarten presentations (1)

Our travelling ‘museum in a van’ brings rich museum learning experiences to 4-year-old kindergarten groups all over metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

These sessions are led by presenters skilled in early learning. Program experiences include interactive stories, games and exploring live specimens, objects and replicas for strong learning engagement. Most of the items presented can be handled.

Program topics include Australian Animals, Backyard Bugs, Dinosaurs and Fossils and Ocean Wonders. Each session is between 45 minutes and one hour in duration and is for up to 30 children.

Auslan bilingual presentations

Auslan is Australian Sign Language, the native language of the Australian Deaf community.

Bilingual presentations integrate Auslan signs in the learning program. The programs are delivered by an Auslan presenter in collaboration with an English speaking presenter. Through hands-on exploration, play and Auslan storytelling, children are encouraged to learn basic Auslan signs related to the topic presented.

These sessions are available by request (pending availability of presenters) for all kindergartens including schools for Deaf children. Where possible, priority will be given to kindergartens or schools that have a child/children that require Auslan to access the program.

Social story for Museum incursions

The social story is a visual story-based resource that educators can use with their pre-school groups prior to the Museum incursion. It has been developed in consultation with autism organisations to assist children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The social story is a valuable resource that can be used to prepare all pre-school children to understand the social learning environment and behavioural expectations for when the Museum comes to visit.

The resource may be edited to suit your group’s needs or you may view the webpage.


Choose from four presentations

Australian Animals

Girl patting touchable taxidermed possums
Australian Animals kindergarten incursion

Learn about Australia's unique wildlife with mounted specimens from the Museum Victoria collection.

Australia is home to some of the most interesting animals in the world. This program teaches children about the lives and habits of our favourite mammals, birds and reptiles.

Through this session children will become biologists and use their senses of sight and hearing to identify animals and sort animals by habitat.

Backyard Bugs

Presenter showing an insect to a kindergarten student
Backyard Bugs kindergarten incursion

Learn about the fascinating world of bugs and the extraordinary things bugs can do. Live bugs such as goliath stick insects will come along with us for the journey.

The Backyard Bugs program will encourage children to learn about the many fascinating creatures to be found in gardens, parks and backyards. With the use of stories, song, activity and bug resources from the Museum Victoria collection, children will explore entomology to observe, describe and identify insects, learn about the incredible things bugs can do and how bugs benefit the environment.

Dinosaurs and Fossils

Child looking at a dinosaur skull replica
Dinosaurs and Fossils kindergarten incursion

With the aid of fossils, dinosaur bones, replicas and photographs, we go back in time to reflect on the existence of these ancient animals.

Dinosaurs have long been the subject of fascination for children. Through stories and activities, this program will introduce to children the ways in which palaeontologists have come to understand dinosaurs through finding and studying fossils.

Children will be able to talk about and touch real dinosaur fossils from the Museum Victoria collection, learn about ancient time periods, see life-size replicas of dinosaur skulls, feet and legs, and classify their favourite prehistoric creatures as herbivores or carnivores.

Ocean Wonders

Girl looking at a stuffed penguin
Ocean Wonders kindergarten incursion

Find out about the wonderful things that live on our beaches and swim in our oceans.

Through games, stories and by touching real objects from the Museum Victoria collection, children will match, sort and classify marine creatures, learn about ocean habitats and develop a respect for ocean life as they learn about shells, sharks and ancient marine animals that lived millions of years ago.

Testimonials from Early Learning Educators

“Interactive, hands on, educational, interesting, age appropriate and lots of fun.”

“A fantastic opportunity for our rural regions to give children a little taste of what a museum is all about.”

“It's a fabulous experience and one the children gain a lot from. Parents are also pleased to see their children being exposed to high level educational experiences.”

“We always thoroughly enjoy the Museum Outreach experience but with the addition of an Auslan presenter, it provided opportunities for a deeper understanding of the benefits of Auslan, the variation in the language and reflection on the children's part throughout the remainder of the year as they recalled the Auslan that had been shared during this Outreach visit.”

Booking details

$220 (GST inclusive) per session, maximum of 30 participants

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