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Bringing NEW online versions of our most popular programs from Melbourne Museum and Immigration Museum into your classroom.

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Learning Lab at Melbourne Museum

A museum educator will deliver a live, 30–45 minute interactive session, exclusively to your students.  Each curriculum aligned session includes a printable booklet with activities for students to begin during the session and supports students to continue their subject area exploration in the classroom.

Humanities programs

A toy box tale

Years F–2 | Tue & Thu | 10.00am, 11.45am, 2.00pm

This interactive semi animated live program is based on My Grandmother's Toy Box onsite program and Little Histories online resource.

From Vietnam to Victoria

Years 5–6 | Wed | 10.00AM, 11.45AM, 2.00PM

Mai Ho arrived in Victoria in the 1970s after escaping from Vietnam. In this session students will be introduced to her story.

Painting of a sailing ship

Documenting the voyage

Years 3–4 | Wed | 10.00am, 11.45am, 2.00pm

An interactive story telling session introducing students to primary sources and the perspectives of people from the 19th century.

Science programs

Black cockroach on grass

Schoolyard bugs!

Years F–2 | Tue & Thu | 10.00AM, 11.45AM, 2.00PM

Learn about insects and spiders, and explore Museums Victoria’s amazing collection of bugs!

A landscape of a body of water with large heavy clouds above

Climate and weather

Years 3–6 | Tue & Thu | 10.00AM, 11.45AM, 2.00PM

Learn about weather, climate and what is causing our climate to change.

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