Fast Five with Jon McCluskey, Managing Director, Skoop

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Jon McCluskey is, in his own words - "Director of SKOOP and pursuer of awesomeness. A firm believer in considered simplicity, continual learning + improvement and challenging the status quo. Will never cease striving to find 'better' by asking questions, poking holes in things and unleashing the inner operational-nerd. An avid problem solver. Massive believer in people and team culture. A terrible golfer, but otherwise reasonable human being. 7/10"

Here, he answers our Fast Five questions.

Jon McCluskey, Managing Director, Skoop

Which products and services do you offer?

SKOOP exists to make our client’s lives easier by taking away the burden of sourcing, managing and ordering their printed, promo, signage and apparel. Essentially, we take care of manufacturing all products that carry a client’s brand. We have a qualified global supply chain and mini-tender (almost instantly) to ensure each and every product is based on a client’s needs. We then support client operations via related services including graphic design, inventory management, distribution, campaign execution, mail house services and crazy-easy online ordering.

What do you consider to be the strengths of your business in terms of faring in the market? (do you have any other competitive advantages)

Making print easy and reliably producing quality product at better prices than people can source themselves. If you asked me to choose a single factor, it would be our service mentality which has won us many loyal fans (our Google reviews speak volumes). A near second would have to be our proprietary online ordering platform, The SKOOP Portal. It has super-simplified the ordering process and online customisation of artwork; particularly for our sporting, franchise, retail and multi-site clients.

What challenges are facing your organisation?

Tough question, as we’re enjoying an excellent run at the minute! We’ve encountered all the typical challenges small businesses experience in their first 10 years, but none that have posed too big of a hurdle. Maintaining our team culture is a future concern, as team dynamics will surely change as we grow. This will be a new challenge for me personally.

What business related podcasts or books are you listening to / reading?

I spend oodles of time in the car and listen to audiobooks flat-out. I’m currently re-listening to SALES EQ by Jeb Blount (because it turns out sales psychology is just as important as actually being awesome at what you do), LEADERS EAT LAST by Simon Sinek (helps me remain objective in the often-thankless role of leadership) and DRIVE by Dan Pink (because it’s an all-time fave re. what motivates us). I also like to mix in non-business titles to challenge my own thinking and broaden my perspective. FIGHT LIKE A GIRL by Clementine Ford is a recent such read.

The museum is a place of wondrous discovery. What has been your most wondrous discovery of the past year?

Most recently was my realisation of the absolute devotion of a man by the name of Mat Bowtell. Matt is an engineer who’s stepped out of the corporate world to dedicate his life to the innovation and development of prosthetic limbs for those unable to afford the traditional, super-expensive options. Google this bloke and you’ll find the story of a legitimate human being who’s doing great things for those less fortunate. It was truly humbling meeting such an amazing individual.

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