Fast Five with Dr Alex Fibishenko, Founder, All-On-4 Clinic

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Dr Alex Fibishenko is one of Australia's most respected dental implant surgeons, innovators and educators. He is the founder of All-On-4 Clinic, which has numerous purpose-built facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand, and co-founder of Facelab, the facial aesthetics arm of his clinics.

Here, he answers our Fast Five questions.

Dr Alex Fibishenko

What do you do?

I do dental implants, and I perform surgeries on patients every day, but what I really do, or at least aim to do, is to change people’s lives.

One of the procedures that I do is called All-On-4, where four implants are used to support a full set of all upper or lower teeth. It’s designed for people who wear dentures, or those with deteriorated teeth and who want to avoid having to wear a loose plate. Our approach is unique in that we give our patients a new smile within 24 hours.

I also run my network of clinics under the official All-On-4 Clinic brand. My associates are hand-picked specially trained clinicians, and we have surgical facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland that meet the required standards set by the All-On-4 brand to reflect its focus on immediate and fixed full set teeth replacement.

The MV Business+ tag line is ‘business as unusual’. What makes your business unusual?

Implants have been around many years but what makes us unusual in our industry is that we have unique facilities where all components of the treatment can be done in the one clinic. With our systems and processes we are also able to fit the final teeth immediately, within 24 hours from surgery, which is quite unlike anything else out there. 

Many hundreds of specialists and implant dentists travel to our clinics from around the world to learn about our unique systems because of the amazing results that we can achieve so quickly, and the amazingly high success rate. However, even after learning the intricacies of our methods, to be able to offer everything under the one roof is a substantial investment and a challenge for most.

What we do has a tremendous impact on our clients’ lives. Having perfect teeth and a beautiful smile gives them incredible confidence and really changes how they and others see them.

What attracted you to join MV Business+?

We like to do sponsorships and memberships in arts and culture. My eldest son is in year 12 and has been quite active over the years in arts and drama at his school. As a family we have always supported the arts and sponsor numerous events.

What’s your big business goal for the year?

Our goal for the year is very simple: to give more patients the opportunity of having an amazing smile, and to continue changing lives with the confidence and self-esteem that comes with it.

What sort of introductions and networking opportunities are you interested in?

Because I lecture overseas a lot I don’t get the time to attend every networking event but my wife, my son and my staff all take up the opportunities as they come up and through that they get the chance to build their own networks and meet new people.

VIDEO: Watch this inspirational video to see some of the incredible transformations that Dr Fibishenko and the team at All-On-4 Clinic have helped their clients go through.

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