Lunar New Year of the Dog



Immigration Museum
400 Flinders Street
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
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Fortune, food, fur-babies!

Kickstart a prosperous Lunar New Year at Immigration Museum with a one-day fest to celebrate the Year of the Dog.

On Sunday 25 February we will open the courtyard* to include your beloved pet dogs and best friends for a day of auspicious traditions, fortune telling, pooch parades, food and drinks for all on two or four legs.

Discover your fortune for the coming year with respected Chinese Astrology Fortune Teller Edgar Lok Tin Yung presenting Year of the Dog predictions for each Chinese Zodiac sign. If you want a more personalised reading, Edgar holds one-on-one readings with a surcharge throughout the day.

Oriental Teahouse will steam up our Atrium with their delicious dim sum, dumplings and Insta-famous raindrop cakes. The bar features craft beer from local brewery Moon Dog and four-legged friends are not forgotten – Canine Wellness Food Kitchen, Australia’s first dedicated food truck for dogs, are onsite to serve healthy gourmet meals, treats, dog beers and broths.

Bring your pooches and pals to strut and shine at our doggy parades, with prizes awarded for best dressed couple, most fashionable (traditional and modern), and most creative on the dogwalk. Register in advance or on arrival but start prepping your moves now.

To pre-register your dog please contact our bookings team.

11.30am - Doggy Fashion Parade
12.30pm - Tim from Good Dog Behaviour will be passing on his top tips, tricks and advice to help you and your dog have a lucky and harmonious 2018.
1.30pm - Year of the Dog Predictions by Edgar Lok Tin Yung
2.30pm - Doggy Fashion Parade (repeat)

Artist and dog lover Pey Chi will also be running a make and take craft activity outdoors in the Tribute Garden so that you and your four legged friends can get creative together. 

Explore the Immigration Museum: our exhibitions, including From Robe to Chinese Fortunes, are also open all day – a museum general entry ticket is required. 

Our prediction: Good Times, Good Friends, Good Fortune. 

* Dogs are not permitted to enter the museum (companion dogs permitted). All dogs must be (fashionably) leashed and accompanied by their owners at all times.


2018年2月25日 星期天

弗林德斯街400号 (400 Flinders Street)



2月25日周天,我们将开放户外庭院区域,让您的朋友家人,还有萌宠们一道欢度新年。风水命理、 美味佳肴、狗狗时装游行等等节目活动精彩纷呈,将我们一同带入传统的喜庆氛围。

我们还将一道听中国风水命理大师翁樂天(Edgar Lok Tin Yung)为我们解析12生肖的狗年运程。如果你需要更详尽的个人运程预测,翁樂天大师还会在之后提供一对一的解析服务 (会收取一定的费用)。

从东方茶馆(Oriental Tea House)来的大厨会在现场捏制美味点心和饺子,让大堂当天热气腾腾,活力满满。还有来自健康犬 (Canine Wellness)的狗粮快车,让我们四条腿的朋友也不会饿着哦。



为您的狗狗提前网上注册请联系我们[email protected]

11.30am & 2.30pm 狗狗时装游展

1.30pm 翁乐天命理大师狗年运程预测 (移民博物馆剧院内)


我们的狗年预测: 欢天喜地、亲友相伴、好运不断!

*请留意宠物不得进入博物馆展馆厅内 (导盲犬除外)