Urban Tactility




Immigration Museum
400 Flinders Street
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
What's On

Tactile indicators are the raised dots and lines that work like road signs helping people living with blindness or low vision to navigate the city.

Urban Tactility will use oversized tactiles in a playful and exploratory way, visually and haptically guiding you from the street to the installation – connecting participants to the many sensory experiences the courtyard offers and to the ways people with blindness or low vision might experience the space.

Guided tours

12pm–2pm, 22 & 29 July, 5 August
10am–4pm, 27 & 28 July (Open House weekend)

In these guided tours, leaders will take people through the installation blindfolded, encouraging people to use their senses to navigate the work. The tours will focus on what the installation feels, smells and sounds like, rather than what it looks like.