The European Union, Trump and China

Professional learning

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Whose World Order? Where does Australia Stand?

2019 EU Summer school for secondary school teachers

A two day intensive program for teachers of

  • History
  • Global/international politics
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Economics
  • European languages

The 2019 Summer School on the European Union seeks to bring out the issues faced in Contemporary Europe and address their consequences and possible solutions. Two years after the Brexit vote and Trump’s victory, what is the status of the rules-based global order? Facing continuing disruption within its own borders as well as difficult negotiations with the United Kingdom, the EU has continued to be a leader in promoting ordered international relations, and has continued to pursue new arrangements for European integration. In parallel and at times in concert, China has begun to outline its own version of a rules based global order.

What might all this mean for our region?

The program features interactive sessions with senior academics and practitioners, an interdisciplinary approach, and multiple case studies with potential for incorporation into the classroom setting. Special attention this year is given to facilitating this program into the curriculum.

Day 1: The EU and the rules-based global order in 2019

Day 2: Directions for a future EU and its relationship with Australia

Monday 21 & Tuesday 22 January 2018
8.45am–5.00pm. Both days
Registrations via Eventbrite

Curriculum links

  • History Level 5–6
  • Geography Level 5–6
  • VCE Global Politics
  • VCE International Relations