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Identity and belonging


Years 11-VCE
Terms 2-4  Monday–Friday
Maximum 25 students

English, The Humanities

School programs and resources

Exploring notions of Identity in 21st Century Australia

Students will be provided with a detailed introduction to the exhibition, highlighting themes from texts and/or curriculum links as indicated by the teacher, prior to taking their own individual trail through the exhibition.

The program is supported with a detailed workbook offering students the opportunity to respond to guided questions related to specific elements in the exhibition.

The exhibition Identity: yours, mine, ours explores who we are, who others think we are, and what it means to belong and not belong in Australia. The exhibition focuses on how cultural heritage, languages, beliefs, and family connections have, and do, influence our self perceptions and our perceptions of others.

Our perceptions can lead to discovery, confusion, prejudice and understanding. The Identity: yours, mine, ours exhibition offers students, teachers and school communities opportunities to reflect on what it means to be part of various communities in the 21st century, whether family, local, national or international/global.

At a national level Intercultural Understanding is one of the general capabilities underpinning the Australian Curriculum.

This program can, with workbook, form part of an assessment task.

Curriculum links

  • Civics and Citizenship: Level 9–10
  • Intercultural Capability: Level 9–10
  • VCE Sociology Unit 3 – Area of Study 2: Ethnicity
  • VCE English