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Online resources and virtual learning

Curriculum-linked resources for remote classrooms or home-based learning.

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Museum at Home Learning

Explore our curriculum-aligned education resources for school students.

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Making History

Research, create and share your own family or community history.

Detail of a quilt made in 1843

Small Object Big Story

Use our step-by-step guide to help research your family or community history.


What are your origins? Where have Victorians come from? Why did they come? Origins is based on government census information gathered in Victoria since 1854. 

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Immigrant Stories

Everyone who immigrates has their own unique story to tell. Explore these stories – why they came, where they settled and how they made Victoria their new home.

Journeys to Australia

Immigration is a vital feature of Australia's history and national identity. Celebrate the journeys that changed Australia forever.

Men Posing With Gold Trophy Outside the Long Tunnel Mine, Walhalla, Victoria, circa 1875.

Immigration to Victoria

What effect did immigration have on Victoria? Take a look, decade by decade, at the changes in population, demographics and the impact this had on Indienous Australians.

 Portrait of a woman in a Melbourne street

Identity: Yours, mine, ours

What does it mean to belong and not belong in Australia? Through personal stories and compelling images, find connections with others and challenge the assumptions we make about each other every day.

Extended family standing around suitcase on Station Pier, under a large roofed structure. Two men, two women, two boys and two infant children. There is a large suitcase in the foreground with rugs strapped to the side. Cars are parked in the background.

The journey to Station Pier

Melbourne’s heritage-listed Station Pier was Victoria’s most important arrival point for migrants. Find out why it plays such an important part in Melbourne’s migration history.

Immigration Museum from Flinders Street in afternoon

Customs House

Home of the Immigration Museum, explore the rich history of one of Melbourne's most important 19th century public buildings. 

Talking Faiths

In this series of videos, students from a range of faiths and cultures discuss diversity, spirituality and what it means to be Australian.

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