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A Museum for the People: A History of Museum Victoria
and its predecessor institutions, 1854-2000

By Carolyn Rasmussen and 46 specialist contributors

Book Cover
Source: Museum Victoria

Published November 2001 by Scribe Publications in association with Museum Victoria. ISBN 0 908011 69 5

420 pages, with 156 photographs. $49.95
Available at Museum Shops and all good book stores.

Marking almost 150 years since the founding of Melbourne's first public museum, A Museum for the People maps the triumphs and travails of Victoria's state museums. The book follows the changes in the institutions' collecting and exhibition philosophies, and tells a fascinating story of how Australians—through their museums—have viewed themselves and the world around them.

Carolyn Rasmussen's narrative is interspersed with 62 short essays by specialist contributors. The book offers insights into the riches of the museums' collections, ranging from Aboriginal artefacts to immigrants' keepsakes, from meteorites to fossils, from Australian innovations to rare butterflies and, of course, to the museum's most popular object, the racehorse Phar Lap.

A Museum for the People is an extraordinary story of collectors, researchers and educators - and of the community whose social and natural history they have recorded.

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