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This website presents the natural and cultural heritage of Victoria's tall timber forests, dominated by the mighty Mountain Ash Eucalyptus regnans.

The forested mountains which embrace the city of Melbourne, Australia are the setting for giant trees, dramatic geological events, human stories of tragedy and triumph, evolution of unique organisms and regular annihilation by bushfires more devastating than anywhere else on earth.

Map showing distribution of Mountain Ash in Victoria Tall Mountain Ash
Photographer: David Tatnall

Forest Secrets provides insights into the interconnected and multi-layered nature of forest life through the theme of change.

Water shapes the landscape and creates the conditions for forest life.
Earth is about the impact of continental drift on the evolution of forest life.
Climate illustrates the seasonal changes evident in forest life.
Fire tells how bushfires threaten people, yet regenerate forest life.
Humans illustrates people's perceptions of the forest and the impacts they make on forest life.
Plants and Animals describes significant species from the forest habitat.
Observations highlight chance discoveries you might make in the forest.

Forest Secrets is a major permanent exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

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