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Mountain Ash:
Pole Stage

Pole Stage

pole stage forest
Pole Stage Forest
Photographer - Luke Simpkin
Source - Museum Victoria

The pole stage of Mountain Ash is 15-30 years, and by this time the trees are 15-35 m in height. The crown is characteristically pointed as in the sapling stage as all effort goes to attaining height. The trunks thicken out; there is straight growth (rapid height gain) and the forest reaches half mature height at 25-35 years.

The main tap root may die back. Lateral roots extend to up to 7.5 m. There is bark formation on the butt. At around 20 years, the trees 'mature'-they flower and seed is produced. Weaker trees continue to die out in favour of their more vigorous neighbours.

Fine woody debris collects on the ground and shed bark begins to pile up around the base of the trees. The Agile Antechinus feeds on invertebrates and lizards from the leaf litter.

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